D.O.T Physical Exam

Craig Gunderson, DC FMCSA / DOT

$85 DOT Physical Exam

DOT Drug Screen and Non DOT if needed is available as well.

Our office is Truck Driver Friendly!  Get low pricing and great service with your next DOT Physical Exam at our convenient clinic located in Bakersfield, California.

Below are the forms used to complete your DOT Exam.  Come prepared and save time if your like! Fill out your DOT physical exam form before your appointment. All of pages 1 &2 ,top box only of pages 3 &4, and on the Medical Examiner’s Certificate last box only.

(Click Here) To Download the D.O.T Physical Exam Report Form

(Click Here) To Download the Medical Examiner’s Certificate

(Click Here) For Frequently Asked Medical Questions

Want to know more about the DOT Physical Exam? (Click Here) to access the FMCSA CMV Driver Fact Sheet regarding the DOT Physical Exam.

NRCME Number: 4748863902